Monday, August 3, 2015

Women Die Unnecessarily Young From Smoking

Smoking-related illnesses are not just something people develop in old age. Young women have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which can include a variety of diseases including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. These young women had smoked excessively in their teenage years. The symptoms can be as bad as lung cancer and cause breathing problems. About 30,000 people die unnecessarily young every year yet all they had to do was stop smoking.

But how do they give up addiction to nicotine, the most addictive substance on the planet? Many cannot stop just by their own willpower and face cravings and horrible withdrawal symptoms. Some ask the pharmacist for nicotine replacement products eg tablets or chewing gum but still remain addicted to nicotine. Nicotine chewing gum has also been associated with oral cancer. Take your pick - lung disease possibly leading to lung cancer or oral cancer?

What if I told you that smoking can be beaten easily with hypnosis? It's safe, natural and quick, in fact most people stop smoking in just one session and stay stopped. Recently a couple of chain smokers reported that they had not smoked since their single session with me back in 2009 - six years ago!!! One man told me that not only had he stopped smoking immediately but felt like he had never smoked. Hypnosis is really powerful.

The other bit of good news is that I offer smoking cessation the easy way - via Skype in the comfort of your own home. I am an English female hypnotherapist and I want to help you stop smoking just like all the people before you. We simply connect over Skype, I ask you first to complete a short questionnaire about your health and lifestyle then we talk about why you started smoking, why stopping has been so difficult and what are your personal reasons for wanting to stop. Everyone is different but reasons might include: difficulty breathing, reduced stamina, want to try for pregnancy, don't want to smoke around children, health problem caused by smoking, doctor has advised you to stop smoking, signs of early ageing, makes you smell of stale ash, waste of money (literally burning money away) or prefer to spend the money on holidays, hobbies or going out.

There are many reasons to give up and I cannot think of any good reason to keep smoking.

Find me on and download my free e-book "The 21 Myths and 30 Truths About Hypnosis."

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Using E-cigarettes May Be Hazardous To Your Health

MIND if I vape?”
The question may become more common as electronic cigarettes become more popular. The answer, however, remains elusive. Etiquette aside, the health effects of inhaling nicotine vapor (hence, the term) are largely unknown.
More research is clearly needed, but in the meantime, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has to start regulating e-cigarettes.
US consumers will spend $1 billion on battery-powered smokes this year, 10 times more than they did four years ago. Are e-cigarettes, which come in flavors such as chocolate and butter rum, a benign device to help people stop smoking? Or are they just a new way to feed an old addiction? How safe, compared with tobacco smoke, is the vapor they create?
No one knows. The small studies that have been done so far hint at both pros and cons; one found that smokers cut back on real cigarettes after trying the electronic kind, while another found particles of metal and silicates in e-cigarette vapor that could cause breathing problems. That there are more than 200 brands containing varying levels of nicotine and other substances only makes it harder to assess their safety.
The FDA has indicated it will begin to regulate e-cigarettes this autumn. After a federal judge ruled that it couldn’t classify them as medical devices (because they deliver a drug, nicotine), the FDA will regulate them as tobacco products (because nicotine is derived from tobacco). Unlike regular cigarettes, however, e-cigarettes are not known to be lethal. Wariness is warranted, but it’s safe to assume that their vapors are not nearly as dangerous as tobacco smoke.
The FDA’s approach, therefore—and that of states and cities that regulate tobacco use—should be two-pronged: It should find out whether e-cigarettes are indeed safe. And while it does, it should ensure that “vaping” remains restricted to adults who are fully informed of the potential risks.
To begin, e-cigarette makers should be required to report and label all ingredients in the nicotine solutions they use. Even though these deliver fewer poisons than are found in traditional cigarettes, they, nevertheless, have been found to contain carcinogenic nitrosamines and other harmful impurities derived from the tobacco, as well as the additive diethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze.
Manufacturers should also disclose the amount of nicotine that can be inhaled from their e-cigarettes. Today’s models haven’t been found to give users as large a hit of nicotine as regular cigarettes do, but that may not always be the case. (Some bottles of solution meant to refill e-cigarette cartridges have been found to contain enough nicotine to kill an adult if ingested.) Once more is known about the potential hazards of e-cigarette vapors, the FDA may need to restrict certain substances or place limits on nicotine levels.
Then there is the issue of flavoring—something the FDA forbids in standard cigarettes. All e-cigarettes are flavored, so to ban flavoring would be to ban the product entirely. But it’s possible to allow tobacco- or even mint-flavored e-cigarettes and still ban or restrict flavors designed to appeal to children, hard as they may be to define.
While they’re at it, the FDA should also ban sales to those younger than 18 and restrict e-cigarette marketing and advertisements in much the same way it limits them for cigarettes. As for health warnings, the agency will need to wait for more data before deciding what exactly they should say.
States and cities, meanwhile, should include e-cigarettes in their restrictions on smoking in public places and office buildings, and apply the same rules on the retail sale of e-cigarettes as they do to tobacco products.
On the question of taxes, states and cities may want to act gradually. If e-cigarettes are found to be valuable smoking-cessation tools, then they may warrant a tax rate that’s lower than what’s imposed on real cigarettes.
It would be great if e-cigarettes turned out to be the breakthrough that gets people to give up smoking tobacco. In the meantime, we should all be careful that e-cigarettes not perpetuate a habit that society has come a long way toward snuffing out. Sensible regulation can help protect that progress.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Stop Smoking for Stoptober 213 the Easy Way

Smokers in the UK are encouraged to stop smoking for 28 days in October 2013.  If you can stop for 28 days you are five times more likely to stop for good.

"During the Stoptober 2012 campaign, a staggering £25 million was saved by the 160,000 people from not buying cigarettes.
Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies said: “Half of all smokers die as a result of smoking, this is the single biggest cause of premature death taking more than 100,000 lives in the UK and costing the NHS up to £2.7bn each year.
It is estimated that you add an additional seven days of life for every 28 days you remain smokefree.  
“We want every smoker to consider making a quit attempt this October and join the thousands of people who are feeling the benefits from stopping smoking last year.” (1)
That is the good news but stopping smoking by willpower alone is hard, very hard.  The extremely addictive drug of nicotine does not give up easily as anyone who has tried to go "cold turkey" will tell you.

Nicotine replacement products might help kick the habit but they keep you addicted to nicotine.  I know someone who has been chewing Nicorette chewing gum for 15 years and the gum has been linked to oral cancer.

I encourage you to stop smoking in October but do it the easy way with safe, natural and effective hypnosis.
 “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little”.  ~(New Scientist, Volume 136 issue 1845 31 Oct 1992, page 6)
The average smoker smokes a packet of 20 cigarettes per day at £7 so spends about £210 every month ...of net income.  Stop smoking with me and donate what you would have spent on smoking to a great charity.  I recommend Brainstrust which helps patients with brain tumours and their carers.

Stop smoking in one Session of Hypnosis with the English Skype Hypnotist .  Call today.  Sessions available in Portsmouth (UK) or worldwide via Skype

Monday, September 9, 2013

E-cigarettes contain chemicals that make some 'as harmful as normal tobacco'

Findings from the National Consumers' Institute said it tested ten different rechargable and disposable models for carcinogenic and toxic properties.

  • Researchers 'detected a significant quantity of carcinogenic molecules in the vapour of these cigarettes which have thus far gone undetected'.
  • Report also criticised certain models for lacking child-proof safety caps because nicotine levels contained could be lethal to children.

Electronic cigarettes contain carcinogenic chemicals that make some as harmful as normal tobacco, a new French study has claimed.

The report comes after government plans announced in May this year to ban electronic cigarettes from public places in France.

Now monthly magazine 60 Millions Consommateurs (60 Million Consumers) has branded the devices as 'far from the harmless gadgets they're sold as by manufacturers'.

The magazine - which reports the findings of the National Consumers' Institute - said it tested ten different rechargable and disposable models for carcenogenic and toxic properties.  Editor Thomas Laurenceau wrote: 'We detected a significant quantity of carcinogenic molecules in the vapour of these cigarettes which have thus far gone undetected.
'In three models out of ten the levels of the carcinogenic compound formaldehyde come close to those of a conventional cigarette.

'The highly toxic molecule acrolein was also detected in the vapours of e-cigarettes, sometimes at levels even higher than in traditional cigarettes.'

The report also criticised certain models for lacking child-proof safety caps because nicotine levels contained in the liquid content of an electronic cigarette could be lethal to children.  Mr Laurenceau added: 'It's not a reason to ban them, but a good reason to control them.'

Toxic levels of various molecules were found in some of the e-cigarettes meaning they could be just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. Image shows lung cancer cells
Toxic levels of various molecules were found in some of the e-cigarettes meaning they could be just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes. Image shows lung cancer cells
French Health Minister Marisol Touraine announced in May that the ban on smoking in public places would be extended to cover electronic cigarettes, and that they would be subject to the same controls as tobacco.
The move has sparked outrage among sellers and users of the battery-powered devices which contain liquid nicotine that is turned into a vapor when inhaled.

Ms Touraine said: 'The e-cigarette is not an ordinary product. 'We need to apply the same measures as there are for tobacco.  'That means making sure it cannot be smoked in public places, that its sale is restricted to over 18s and that firms are not allowed to advertise the products.'

E-cigarettes are currently legal to use in bars and restaurants and all other public places, where traditional smoking has been banned for five years.

A ban would harm the booming e-cigarette industry in France, where around one million people now use the gadgets, vendors insist.

Darren Moon, the English owner of online store, said: 'If they ban it in public or in the workplace, I'll be closing my store, or moving it somewhere where there aren't restrictions like that.

'Twenty percent of our business is selling disposable e-cigarettes to restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels. So if there's a workplace ban, I'd have to start firing people.'
E-cigarettes were first invented in China in 2003, as many nations began imposing bans on smoking, and are aimed at giving the user a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette.
In March this year, health expert Professor Bertrand Dauzenberg told France's Europe 1 radio that e-cigarettes could have the opposite effect that is designed for.

He added: 'These electronic cigarettes could also lead children to start smoking and sale should be banned to minors.
'However for heavy smokers, I believe these will reduce the health risks, but the best way to quit smoking is the patch or chewing gum.'

Read more: 
Anyone who uses e-cigarettes is still addicted to smoking and is not doing anything about giving up a nasty habit.  Using nicotine patches or gum keeps the person addicted to nicotine and there is a link between nicotine replacement products and oral cancer.  The best way to stop smoking is sheer willpower although cravings might make it difficult to stay determined.  

If you really want to make life easy for yourself, use natural, safe, relaxing hypnosis.  This has been proven to be the most effective way of giving up quickly and reducing those cravings.

I help people stop smoking in one session either at my home office in Portsmouth (UK) or via Skype anywhere in the world.  Find out more at

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why Do You Keep Putting All These Disgusting Chemicals Into Your Mouth?

Cigarettes contain over 4,000 ingredients and here you see some of the real nasties.  I am constantly amazed that production and sale of these revolting chemical sticks is allowed.

I have to ask you - why on earth would you put these in your body?

Is it any wonder that your breathing is constricted, you have a persistent cough, your skin looks dull and you are ageing before your time?  You are a walking chemicals factory.

You know it is time to stop but maybe you have tried to kick this weed but cannot quite manage it.

Then I can help you, the e-a-s-y way with deep, relaxing hypnosis.

 “Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little”.  
  ~(New Scientist, Volume 136 issue 1845 31 Oct 1992, page 6)

My stop smoking in one session technique is very clever as it encompasses various add-ons to support the already powerful hypnosis eg NLP and Time Line Therapy.  

In fact, I honestly cannot remember the last time someone did NOT stop smoking with me.

I am based in Portsmouth, UK but the good news is that I help people worldwide via SKYPE.

You can be the next  non-smoker, enjoying the freedom of a world without slavery to addiction.  

All you have to do is contact me, Antonia Harrison, the English Skype Hypnotist.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cigarette Filters Take Ten Years to Decompose

"By quitting, you are not only purifying yourself, but the environment as well.  It's estimated that trillions of cigarette filters are discarded as waste yearly and take up to ten years to decompose."

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The LIVESTRONG.COM MyQuit Coach application has been reviewed by smoking cessation specialist Dr. Jonathan Foulds, nicotine addiction specialist Dr. Dorothy Hatsukami, psychologist Dr. Belisa Vranich and cardiologist and internist Dr. Leslie Saxon.

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