Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy MP3

The damaging effects of tobacco are well publicised. People who smoke are two or three times more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke, or die of heart disease. Aside from serious diseases, there are a number of other ways tobacco can affect your health. Because smoking lowers the oxygen levels in your blood, it speeds up the ageing process and causes faster ageing skin and poor circulation. In addition it can reduce fertility and cause impotence.

Giving up smoking will not only have profound and immediate effects on your health and your looks, but it will also make a massive impact on your purse!

The effectiveness of hypnosis can be gauged by results of trials both in the USA and Europe, which have shown that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking (New Scientist 31.10.92. page six).

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy (1968) published a report that showed that 94% of patients that were able to stop smoking through hypnosis were still not smoking 18 months later.

A recent study from the University of Iowa published in the Journal of Applied Psychology cites 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers. The results left no doubt as to the effectiveness of stop smoking with hypnosis.

This powerful self-hypnosis track has been developed from nearly 20 years of successfully helping thousands of clients to become non-smokers. It will help you stop smoking immediately and through repeated listening you will become a life long non-smoker. The track will programme your subconscious mind to support you so you will not experience any cravings and you will feel comfortable about being a non-smoker.

Download this track and within an hour you will have stopped smoking and through repeated listening you will become a lifelong non-smoker. As with all the tracks this is backed up by a no questions asked, full money back guarantee - so what have you got to lose?

For less than the cost of a few packets of cigarettes, you can become a non-smoker for life.

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