Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jay is Stopping Smoking

On 15 November, Jay who is approaching 50 years old stopped smoking with this message,

"Today I am a non-smoker.

I'll spend most of this day devoting my energy to not lighting up and it may make me somewhat difficult to be around....but I will be a non-smoker today."

On 13 November he had written,

"I'm an addict. The very definition of is "engaging in a behavior that you know is harmful but you do it anyway".

It's time to start being honest. I'm suspending the challenge to devote my energies to getting control of this addiction. This is my priority. Nothing else is important right now. I may gain some weight; in fact, I'm expecting to since food is one way to cope with symptoms of withdrawal. I will exercise, but only to take my mind off smoking and not with any goal of muscle development. I sincerely hope that I haven't let anybody down that may have been looking to me for inspiration. My goal is to still get my health in order during this 50th year of mine and I've started counting from that birthday. By the turn of this year I hope to have my smoking habit long behind me and begin a new BFL challenge...a REAL that by the time day 365 rolls around, I will indeed be a new person."

On 20 November, he posted this video on his blog,