Friday, January 4, 2008

Passive Smoking Causes Hazard To Oral Health

Blog November 8, 2007

American researchers in four monthly “Journal of Periodontology” the report said animal experimental results revealed that passive smoking also caused hazard to oral health, then lead to the patients with periodontitis lost cementum.

Researchers in the experiment firstly induced mice suffering from periodontal disease. Then let the first group mice lived in an environment with no smoking. The second group mice lived in an environment with passive smoking which was released from desalination of cigarettes for 30 days. Then the third group mice lived in concentration-type cigarettes environment with passing smoking for 30 days. Cigarettes bias was distinguished by the content level of several major harmful ingredients such as tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide.

The results showed that as long as experimental mice lived in passive smoking environment, no matter cigarette bias, those mice would loss cementum more easily than smoke-free environment. Researchers explained that cementum losing is the reason for patients with periodontitis have tooth shedding.

Researchers point out that there was evidence to prove relevance existing between smoking and gingival diseases. Their research revealed that passive smoking also affects oral health.