Monday, December 3, 2007

Use your own Subconscious Mind to Become a Non-smoker

Many people started smoking as teenager, thinking it made them look cool, big or more grown-up. Sadly, it just showed them to be sheep, following a crowd, or worse, lemmings who throw themselves over a cliff.

Why would anyone want to start a habit which is harmful to the self as well as those around? Why would anyone want to become a slave to a weed and breathe in poisonous substances every day? Why waste money when there are so many better options for spending?

Of course, smokers always say they are not addicted and could give up anytime but is that true? If it is, why do so many people need the help of alternative therapists, nicotine replacement therapy, books, anti-addiction courses, this blog?

The truth is that smokers are addicts. They say that smoking relieves stress. That is true – the stress of having to feed an addiction. Millions of other people cope perfectly well with daily stresses without ever reaching for a smoke. Cigarettes are not your friend. They are parasitical cancer sticks which want to kill you.

The good news is that nicotine addiction is about 20% physiological and 80% psychological. That means that just as you thought about becoming a smoker, so you can think your way out of the habit – with a little help.

Very few people have the willpower to stop a negative habit, particularly one involving a drug, without help. That is why so many people admit themselves to drug rehabilitation centres. But you can become a non-smoker when you truly think of yourself as a non-smoker. You learnt how to become a smoker and now you can learn how to become a non-smoker using the power of your own subconscious mind.

Downloading a hypnosis MP3 is the quickest way to become a non-smoker in a relaxing way in the comfort of your own home. The quit smoking hypnosis MP3 download costs just $29.95, about £13.95

© Antonia Stuart-James 2007. This English Hypnotherapist in Belgium helps people to make positive change such as quit smoking, improve confidence, overcome fears and improve sports performance.