Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Great American Smokeout 2007

On Thursday, November 15th, 2007 the American Cancer Society celebrated the 31st anniversary of the “Great American Smokeout”. The following is an excerpt taken from the American Cancer Society website which explains how the “Smokeout” came to be:

"The American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout grew out of a 1971 event in Randolph, Mass., in which Arthur P. Mullaney asked people to give up cigarettes for a day and donate the money they would have spent on cigarettes to a high school scholarship fund. In 1974, Lynn R. Smith, editor of the Monticello Times in Minnesota, spearheaded the state’s first D-Day, or Don’t Smoke Day. The idea caught on, and on Nov. 18, 1976, the California Division of the American Cancer Society succeeded in getting nearly one million smokers to quit for the day. That California event marked the first Great American Smokeout, which went nationwide the next year."

Sorry, I did not find out about this campaign before 15 November but still, it is never too late to stop smoking. Choose another day to start your "new beginning". Incidentally, the International World No Smoking Day is every year on 31 May.

Choose a day to put down your cigarettes for good. I encourage you to use your day as a new beginning, a fresh start to a life without cigarettes. A life where you can breathe easier and give your family and friends a chance to breathe easier as well. Respect you body that day and pass on the cigarettes. I know it won’t be easy but I’m certain you’ve faced harder challenges in life before. The American Cancer Society sponsors programs designed to help you quit and there are lots of other programs as well.

Take the Great American Smokeout challenge

I found this on a blog,
"This past August, I celebrated my 4th anniversary since I smoked my last cigarette. I used hypnosis to help me quit smoking. That’s really the whole reason behind this website! I had tried to quit before, but using hypnosis was different. I never dreamed I could go from a smoker to a non-smoker that quick & that easy. Sure I had a great desire to quit and high expectations for hypnosis, but in the back of my mind, I still wondered if it would really work? Well it did work and I’m living proof of it. And if I didn’t think it could help others, I wouldn’t waste my time singing the praises of hypnosis & self hypnosis! If you have that desire to quit, to breathe fresh clean air and get your life back on a healthy track, then I know that hypnosis could be the answer you’ve been looking for."

If the idea of using self hypnosis in the comfort of your own home appeals to you, I encourage you to look at the hypnosis MP3 downloads which have been recorded by expert hypnotherapists. For the cost of a few packets of cigarettes, you can be free of the addiction forever.